Health and Safety

We prioritize health and safety by exceeding all the standard requirements. We understand that a significant aspect of your event planning revolves around ensuring health and safety, and we strive to alleviate as much of that burden as we can.

We ensure that all our stages comply with UK & EU regulations and are frequently checked and maintained. Before hiring out a stage, we first consider if it’s suitable for your intended use and environment. Additionally, our Sound & Lighting equipment undergoes regular electrical safety testing by qualified personnel and comes with a current PAT label. Output Language Code: EN-GB

Please keep in mind that although our H&S standards are of high quality, they are only a portion of your whole strategy. If you decide to rent only the stage from us and go with a different supplier for your sound/lighting/power needs, you must make certain that they also adhere to safety regulations and have adequate insurance coverage.

To clarify, our health and safety policy and documentation only apply to the equipment and services provided by Concept Events. It does not cover any involvement from third parties. If you book with us, we can provide the relevant documentation upon request. This message is available in English-UK language format.

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate (PLI)
  • Employers Laibility Insurance Certificate
  • Risk Assessment (normally after a site visit)
  • Method Statement