Generator Hire

We supply a range of generators, to suit most applications, from smaller (5-10KVA) mobile units, as well as various sized road-towable units of up to 120kVA, delivered to your event as a dry hire or with a full installation and distribution service by our qualified technicians.

Our generator hire service can provide the right power supply unit that you need for any occasion. The diesel generators that we supply throughout Bedford and the surrounding areas provide a reliable high-power solution for the equipment at your event.

Our generators can be used for multiple different appliances. Whether you require electrical power during the setup of an event, during the event or during the tear-down of the event, Concept Event Solutions is Bedford’s number 1 portable diesel generator supplier for a range of different events.

Silent Diesel Generators

Our Diesel generators are classed as ‘Super Silent ‘, and feature auto/remote-starting and monitoring technology and boast an AMF (Auto Mains Failure) panel with auto-standby facilities. This allows you to power equipment without the constant drowning noise of a diesel engine interrupting the event. Our silent generators allow for higher quality audio performances, as the silent running diesel generators that we supply in the Bedford area provide more clear audio experience, with minimal background noise.

All of our diesel generators are regularly inspected and serviced to ensure that our customers are guaranteed to receive generators that work to their maximum potential. Our regular servicing allows for our silent generators to run as efficiently as a brand-new diesel generator.

Because of our continuous inspection and service of all of our generators, our diesel generators hold the reputation of not just being fuel efficient but also are reliable so that you can hire a generator from Concept Event Solutions and expect a generator that will provide all the power you need all day long.

Our generator hire service is the full package for anyone requiring a reliable power supply for any occasion.

A varied range of fitted IEC60309 CEE 1ph & 3ph socket outlets (125A, 63A, and 32A) ready to accept CEE cabling and distribution.

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Get in touch with us at Concept Event Solutions, for a complete and comprehensive coordinated array of services. From planning to packing away – we really are with you every step of the way! Event hire can be a daunting task, often having to go to several different suppliers, we truly are the one-stop-shop. We have huge volumes of high-quality stock for all of your event hire needs.