Stage Hire

Outdoor & Festival Stages

Whether you are organising a large outdoor event, an indoor concert, or a small village fête, Concept Event Solutions has the right stage hire solution for you. From conferences to festivals, we can provide the staging of various specifications to suit your venue and event. So, no matter the event you are holding, we will provide the correct stages for you.

Our stage hire service also accommodates for decoration of the stage. An important part of any performance, whether that be live music or a play, is the decoration, promotion and scene setting. Bring along any branding or promotion banners for the performance, just give us notice beforehand so that we can rig the stage to accommodate your decorations on our stage.

Mobile/Trailer Stages

Mobile trailer stages are portable stages that can be transported on a trailer or flatbed truck to any location for use in events such as music concerts, festivals, and corporate functions. They are easy to set up and can accommodate different types of events, weather conditions, and venues.

Mobile trailer stages come in different sizes, designed to accommodate small and large gatherings. The stages are ideal for outdoor events that require temporary, but fully equipped event sites. Additionally, mobile trailer stages provide a safer and more organized environment for performers and audience members compared to natural venues.

generators for event outside
MPT Roof Stage

Outdoor Stages

Outdoor stages are a popular feature of festivals, concerts, and other events. These stages can vary in size, design and technology, and are typically erected in large outdoor spaces such as parks, fields, or open-air venues. 

The design of an outdoor stage requires careful consideration of factors such as lighting, acoustics, and durability. Outdoors, the stage equipment may be exposed to the elements, including rain, wind, and sun, which can affect the quality of performances. The stage layout should be spacious and provide a clear view of the stage to the audience.

Indoor Stages

If you are planning an indoor event and need to hire an indoor stage, there are a few important things to consider before making your decision.

First, determine the size and design of the stage that will best suit your event needs. At Concept Event Solutions we offer different size and style options to choose from. All our stages come with the option of hiring lighting and sound equipment to enhance your event.

SPD Stage Set at Luton Hoo

Catwalk Stages

Catwalk stages are long and narrow that extends into the audience or crowd area. They are commonly used for fashion shows, product launches, or events where close interaction between performers and the audience is desired.

We offer a number of solutions for fashion and wedding fares and are more than happy to consult and recommend the best options

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Get in touch with us at Concept Event Solutions, for a complete and comprehensive coordinated array of services. From planning to packing away – we really are with you every step of the way! Event hire can be a daunting task, often having to go to several different suppliers, we truly are the one-stop-shop. We have huge volumes of high-quality stock for all of your event hire needs.