Mobile Stage Hire

Mobile Stage Hire

Trailer Stage Hire

Mobile trailer stage hire is a great option for any event that requires a stage but doesn’t have the space or budget for a larger, permanent structure. Our mobile trailer stages are designed to be easy to transport and set up, allowing you to quickly get your event up and running in no time. These stages are also built with safety in mind, with a variety of features that keep your performers and audience safe and secure. We provide a wide range of mobile trailer stage options, from small setup stages for intimate gatherings to large multi-level structures perfect for larger events. Whatever your event needs, our team can help you find the right solution.

Small Mobile Stage (S)

Our smallest mobile stage with an area of 17 m². Measuring 4.40 m x 3.75 m, it can be set up by one person in just 15 minutes and is perfect for small events. An ideal platform for rallies, solo entertainers, Dj’s or small bands, and all manageable events. Dimensions:

  • Width 4.4m
  • Depth 3.7m
  • Height 3.9m
  • Clearence height 3.0m

Large Mobile Stage (L)

The large stage can either have a 30 m² or 42 m² area depending on the intended use.  The technology used is highly advanced and guarantees fast, safe and simple handling. Additionally, there are optional roof supports, PA wings and hanging extensions available to complement this comprehensive package. Dimensions:

  • Width 6.8m
  • Depth 6.m
  • Height 4.6m
  • Clearence height 3.5m
Small Stage

Extra Large Mobile Stage (LR)

Our luxurious Mobile Stage LR is an elegant stage model with a stage area of 7m x 6m. It is designed to impress customers who value both attractive appearance and functional sophistication. This mobile stage can be set up quickly and easily by just one person in only 45 minutes. Its optics are especially noteworthy. All of our stages are provided with Generator & Audio Visual support options. Dimensions:

  • Width 7.2m
  • Depth 6.2m
  • Height 4.9m
  • Clearence height 3.5m

XX Large Mobile Stage (XXL)

With a stage area of 10 m x 6 m and a clear height of 4.60 m, the Stagemobil XXL creates an impressive area and sophisticated stage design. Thanks to the expandability sidewings for PA, this mobile stage creates a real rock ‘n’ roll feeling at every festival. Despite its impressive size, it is quick and easy to use – just like its smaller siblings. Dimensions:

  • Width 10m
  • Depth 6.1m
  • Height 6.3m
  • Clearence height 4.6m

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