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Themed Events

This is where our imagination will excel! Not only do we have a large range of theme props in stock.

Looking for corporate summer party ideas or Christmas party themes? We specialise in corporate theme parties. Our specialist event planners will design and tailor event themes and idea’s, assist with event venue search, advice on venue lighting to create the ambience and atmosphere you want. Some of our themed events include; Cirque Du Soliel, Fire and Ice, Moulin rouge, Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Winter Wonderland, Arabian nights, James Bond, Gatsby, Harry Potter, the list is endless.

We have gained a reputation of being a bit ‘geeky’ too, incorporating our technical experience into a themed event will always give us the ‘edge’. Famous for our Interactive 3D animated backdrops.

To add a little extra, our extensive entertainment database includes some of the most talented entertainment artists in the country. Whatever your event there is always an entertainer to create and set the scene for your party.

Often working under the brand of other event organisers, event management and film companies, Concept Events has gained a well earn’t reputation in themed events.

Themes & Decor

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Get in touch with us at Concept Event Solutions, for a complete and comprehensive coordinated array of services. From planning to packing away – we really are with you every step of the way! Event hire can be a daunting task, often having to go to several different suppliers, we truly are the one-stop-shop. We have huge volumes of high-quality stock for all of your event hire needs.