Organising a conference

To pull off a successful conference that delivers an unforgettable experience for attendees, a great deal of planning and attention to detail is essential. Every element must be carefully considered from selecting keynote speakers and entertainment to ensuring the venue meets safety requirements and providing suitable refreshments for guests.

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Start planning early

What’s that old saying, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance? It’s so true when it comes to organising a conference. To give yourself the best chance of success, start planning as early as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to research things like stage hire, Pa Systems, lighting, AV equipment and more are all vital components of a successful event.

Health and safety are of utmost importance when it comes to planning a conference. It is essential to ensure that all safety protocols are strictly followed. Make sure the venue has the necessary infrastructure to protect everyone from fire, electricity, air pollution, and other hazardous environmental factors.

Setting a budget for your conference is essential to ensure that you have the funds to make it happen. Start by enumerating the costs for venue rental, catering, entertainment and other expenses. Research different venues and don’t be afraid to negotiate for better rates. Depending on the nature of the conference, consider using sponsorships or grants from external sources to cover expenditures.

Manage onsite logistics

When planning a corporate event, it is important to manage onsite logistics in order for your event to go as smoothly as possible. When hiring a company to help with planning, research different companies and review their services prior to selecting one. It is useful to organise briefings with them onsite so they can understand the requirements of the event.

Make sure that they are competent enough to handle all the involved technicalities such as security measures and Audio Visual systems. Also, provide them with detailed instructions on your expectations from start to finish. With proper planning and personnel selection, you can guarantee smooth onsite operations for your corporate event.


Choosing the right theme for your conference is essential to create a memorable experience for attendees. Consider different ways that you can capture their imagination and spur their interest in the topic. Brainstorm ideas with your team and ask for their input on creating unique themes that embrace and enhance the message of your event.

Strive to pick one that is both creative and resonates well with your guests so that it drives participation and engagement at the conference. Additionally, make sure to choose a theme that can be easily implemented throughout all stages of planning, from decorations to presentations.

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Selecting Entertainment

When selecting entertainment for your conference, live acts, dance floors and DJs can be a great way to ensure attendees have enjoyable experiences. Live acts such as bands or comedians can help create an energetic atmosphere and provide engaging activities for guests to participate in.

any conferences will also incorporate dance floors and DJs to get the party started. They can help break the ice between attendees who are meeting for the first time and provide an extra layer of fun in the evenings.

When picking music, it is important to make sure that it is relevant and suitable for your event so that everyone is comfortable. Lastly, don’t forget to select a variety of entertainment options so that each guest has something they enjoy participating in during the conference.


The equipment you may need to hire

Here is a list of equipment you may need to hire depending on the type of venue you choose:

AV Equipment

When it comes to organizing a conference, AV equipment is an essential component that can make or break the success of your event. Having the right audio and visual equipment can enhance communication, engage attendees, and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

PA Systems

Hiring a PA system for your conference can be one of the most important decisions you make when planning. A quality PA system will ensure that both speakers and live performers are heard clearly by everyone in attendance.


Hiring a stage can often be expensive, but it is necessary if you are hosting speakers or live acts. Choosing the right size and shape of the stage also has to be considered to make sure it fits with your vision for the event.


Lighting is an essential element of a successful event and should not be overlooked when planning. When hiring lighting, you need to consider the size and layout of the venue, as well as the type of atmosphere you are aiming to create.

Marquees & Stretch Tents

Marquees and stretch tents are ideal structures for outdoor events, with the former providing a more traditional look while the latter has a modern and edgy style. When hiring either option, you must take into account the size of your event space and the number of guests to ensure that you select the right size marquee or tent for your needs.


When hiring furniture for an event, you should consider the type of people attending, the atmosphere you want to create and whether or not you need a professional-looking set-up.


When hiring toilets for your corporate event, you should always consider the number of guests and the length of the event. Finding a reliable provider who offers quality toilets at competitive prices is essential.


When hiring a generator for your event, it is important to choose the right size to match your power needs.

Mobile Bars

Mobile bars are a great way to easily provide refreshments for your conference, with most providers offering easy-to-use systems.


When planning an event, it is important to factor in the cost and safety of additional facilities such as toilets and generators. Finding a reliable service provider that offers competitive prices and quality equipment with all the necessary features is essential. Ultimately, careful consideration will lead to an enjoyable, safe and successful event.

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