Toilet Trailer Hire – Everything you need to know

Throughout the year, a plethora of outdoor events take place from concerts and music festivals to shows and community-centric days. One thing that may not automatically spring to mind is the need for toilet facilities. An outdoor event requires accessible toilet facilities, and thankfully toilet trailer hire makes it simpler than ever to provide them.

What should you expect?

Here is an overview of what to expect when hiring a toilet trailer for an outdoor event:

Toiletries Included

Toilet trailer hire typically includes toiletries like soap, paper towels, and hand sanitiser.

Air fresheners

Air fresheners should also be included, ensuring the restroom retains a pleasant scent.

Heaters for colder months

There’s nothing worse than a cold toilet, so companies should include heaters to keep their units warm.

Convenient setup and collection

Most companies will arrive on the day of your event to set up and collect the units at an agreed time. Event planning can be a stressful process so Concept events make sure that the process of hiring a toilet trailer is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Waste disposal

Companies should offer efficient waste disposal services, ensuring that your event site remains clean and hygienic.

24/7 telephone support

Concept events provide 24/7 telephone support should you experience any issues with the toilet trailer hire service. Knowing that you can contact someone at any time can be reassuring.

At Concept Event Solutions, we understand that peace of mind is as important as delivering a job well done. That’s why we provide customers with an emergency call-out service so they can rest easy knowing that should any issues arise, we’ll be there in a flash to quickly get it sorted.

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Putting your guests at ease

Providing guests with a comfortable and convenient toilet experience is key for any outdoor event. Toilet trailer hire is the perfect solution for ensuring that event attendees have access to hygienic and comfortable restroom facilities, without having to resort to makeshift toilets or portaloos.

When attending outdoor events, having access to toilets is vital for many people. To ensure that visitors feel comfortable and worry-free during the event, portable facilities should be placed at various points depending on the size of the venue. This will allow them to easily locate a toilet and fully immerse themselves in all that the event has to offer without any extra anxiety or stress!

Offer visitors a comfortable and convenient restroom facility

This is the perfect way to create a positive and enjoyable event experience. With toilet trailer hire, you can provide your guests with hygienic, modern restroom facilities that will leave them feeling comfortable and at ease.

With limited or inadequate restroom facilities, visitors are often left with no option except to come up with creative ways to find “where to go”. In our opinion, toilet trailer hire is the best solution for events of any size, as it provides a clean and comfortable restroom experience that will leave visitors feeling satisfied. The last thing you want is to be held responsible for cleaning up any messes or accidents caused.

Toilet Trailers are Family Friendly

Many event hosts are now opting for a family-friendly experience, and toilet trailer hire is the perfect option for this. With separate male and female units, families can have their own private space to use the facilities without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. All restrooms come with a range of amenities such as sinks, mirrors, and soap dispensers, which makes them ideal for bigger groups.

Children can really add to the stress of the day at large events, especially if there aren’t any obvious places to go to the toilet. Hiring a toilet trailer ensures that both adults and children have access to modern, hygienic facilities in a safe and comfortable environment.

Less of a chance of long queues

At small events, long queues can be a common occurrence when it comes to restroom facilities. With toilet trailer hire, you can provide more than enough toilets for the expected crowd, ensuring that there is no need to wait in uncomfortable queues. By eliminating lengthy wait times for toilets, attendees have more opportunities to fully immerse in the event and enjoy it thoroughly.

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Environmentally friendly

Most companies will only use eco-friendly products and procedures for their toilet trailer hire services. This helps to reduce the impact on the environment, as well as minimise any potential health hazards that could be caused by hazardous materials.

By opting for an environmentally friendly service, you can rest assured that your event will have minimal impact on the planet while still providing a comfortable restroom experience to all attendees


This is an obvious one but, nonetheless, still very important. Toilet trailer hire offers the perfect solution for events held in remote and rural locations. They can be quickly set up and taken down, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings

They are also a great option for festivals or other large gatherings where restroom facilities need to be organised on short notice. They can even be used as temporary solutions while construction is taking place at permanent sites.

Hygienic and sanitary

No one wants to be left feeling uncomfortable and unclean after using the restroom. That’s why toilet trailer hire companies take extra measures to ensure that their units are kept in impeccable condition. This includes regular deep cleaning, disinfection, and making sure that all amenities are stocked up. All of this means that your visitors will always have access to a hygienic and sanitary toilet facility that they can use with confidence.


At the end of the day, a toilet trailer hire is a cost-effective option for any event. Not only does it save you from having to buy or rent a permanent toilet facility, but it can also be hired on an as-needed basis. This makes it easier to budget for without compromising on quality or hygiene standards


By taking all these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your next event is a success by providing excellent restroom facilities that your guests will appreciate and enjoy. Toilet trailer hire offers a great solution for any occasion, allowing hosts to provide their visitors with the highest levels of comfort and convenience throughout the entire event experience. If you want to hire a toilet trailer for your next event, make sure to contact the professionals who can provide you with quality, affordable solutions

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