UK Mobile Stage Hire: A Comprehensive Guide for Event Planners

Mobile stage hire services in the UK have become increasingly popular for various types of events, from music concerts to village fêtes. These temporary, flexible staging solutions provide event organisers with a convenient and efficient option when it comes to creating the perfect space for performances and shows. With a range of outdoor and indoor mobile stages available, organisers are sure to find the perfect fit for their requirements and venue.

Over the years, the UK mobile stage hire industry has grown significantly, offering numerous choices to cater to different sizes and demands for events. From large-scale festivals to smaller community gatherings, these stages can be easily transported and set up with little hassle. As a result, event managers have more time to focus on other aspects of their events while leaving the stage setup in the hands of reliable professionals.

In addition to ease of use, mobile stage hire services also offer multiple options when it comes to stage sizes and configurations. This ensures that event organisers can find a suitable solution for their needs, whether it’s a small community event or a grand music festival. 

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Understanding UK Mobile Stage Hire

An Overview of Mobile Stages

Mobile stage hire has become increasingly popular in the UK for various types of events, ranging from music concerts and festivals to village fêtes and galas. Mobile stages, also known as trailer stages, are temporary and flexible staging solutions that can be easily set up and dismantled. They provide event organisers with a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to building permanent stage structures.

Advantages of Trailer Stages

  1. Versatility: Mobile stages are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, allowing event planners to utilise them in a variety of settings, such as parks, fields, or other open spaces.
  2. Efficiency: Trailer stages can be quickly assembled and disassembled, saving event organisers precious time. This also helps in reducing labour costs and other associated setup expenses.
  3. Safety: Mobile stages come equipped with primary and secondary mechanical locking systems, along with additional safety valves on hydraulically operated equipment. This ensures a safe and secure working environment during the installation process.
  4. Transportation: The logistics of moving mobile stages from one location to another are streamlined, with transportation and logistical costs kept to a minimum.
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Event Planning with Mobile Stages

Selecting the Right Stage for Your Event

When planning an event in the UK, choosing the appropriate mobile stage can greatly impact the success of your festival or outdoor event. For optimal results, consider the following aspects:

  • Event type: The stage size and design should suit the event’s purpose – music concerts, village fêtes, or promotional events will require different setups.
  • Size requirements: Assess the space for your event and calculate the appropriate stage dimensions. Ensure that it can accommodate performers, sound, and lighting equipment.
  • Budget constraints: Mobile stage hire companies offer a range of prices, allowing you to find a quality option within your budget.

Logistics and Setup

Efficient logistics are crucial when dealing with mobile stage hire. Carefully consider the following:

  1. Delivery and transportation: Choose a mobile stage provider that can organise delivery and transport to your event’s location, reducing extra costs and complications.
  2. Setup time: To avoid any delays, ensure the mobile stage hire offers quick and smooth stage setup. Many providers offer trailer stages that can be easily assembled onsite.
  3. Additional equipment needs: Your stage might require complementary sound and lighting production equipment, such as PA wings and lighting trusses. Confirm whether the stage hire company can also supply these resources.

Health and Safety Considerations

Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of safety at your event. Follow these steps to avoid hazards:

  • Stage stability: Always ensure the stage is secure and stable. Mobile stages should be built to withstand varying weather conditions, especially wind resistance for outdoor events.
  • Accessible exits: In case of emergencies, make sure the stage has properly marked exits and maintain clear pathways for efficient evacuations.
  • Risk assessment: Check with the stage hire company to confirm they’ve carried out a thorough risk assessment of the equipment and setup process.

By carefully considering these factors, you’ll successfully organise an enjoyable and safe event featuring your chosen mobile stage.

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Technical Aspects of Mobile Staging

Sound and Lighting Systems

When it comes to hosting a successful event, the quality of the sound and lighting systems is a crucial aspect. For mobile stage hire in the UK, advanced sound systems are typically provided to ensure that audio is clear and powerful. These PA systems are designed to cater to various event sizes and audience capacities. In addition, stage lighting plays a significant role in creating the perfect atmosphere for an event. It involves using LED screens, spotlights, and coloured lights to enhance the stage’s visibility and complement performers or speakers.

Some key features of sound and lighting systems include:

  • High-quality PA systems for clear audio output
  • Versatile stage lighting to suit different event themes
  • Energy-efficient LED screens for video displays
  • Customisable audio and visual settings for a tailored event experience

Stage Design and Customisation

Mobile stages in the UK come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different event types, ranging from concerts and festivals to village fêtes and galas. A mobile stage’s adaptability allows event organisers to customise the stage according to their requirements. One aspect of customisation is the roof system, which provides protection against unpredictable weather and ensures the safety of performers and equipment.

In addition to the structural aspects, branding is also an essential element in stage design. Mobile stages can be customised to feature event branding, logos, and graphics to create a visually appealing and consistent experience for attendees.

Some essential facets of stage design and customisation include:

  • Modular stage sizes to suit various event requirements
  • Durable roof systems for weather protection and safety
  • Personalised branding opportunities for a distinctive event identity
  • User-friendly design for quick setup and dismantling

By paying close attention to the technical aspects of mobile staging, such as sound and lighting systems and stage design and customisation, event organisers can ensure a professional, memorable, and well-executed event.

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Costs and Packages

Hiring Costs and Budgeting

When considering mobile stage hire for your event in the UK, it’s important to factor in certain costs and budgeting aspects. A good starting point is to have a clear understanding of your event’s budget and requirements. This will enable you to make cost-effective choices when selecting a mobile stage hire package.

Cost components that you need to take into account include the size of the stage, the duration of the hire, and any additional equipment or services you might need. Note that prices for stage hire usually exclude VAT, so keep this in mind while budgeting for your event.

Mobile stage hire prices can vary depending on the provider and the options available. 

Mobile Stage Hire Packages

Mobile stage hire companies in the UK offer a variety of packages to cater to different event sizes and requirements. Some common package offerings include:

  • Basic stage hire packages: These packages include the stage structure only, and are perfect for smaller events or when you have your own sound and lighting equipment.

  • Stage hire with equipment: For larger events or when you require additional equipment, providers offer packages including sound systems, lighting, and sometimes even video projection solutions.

  • Custom packages: Some providers allow you to customise your package to suit your specific event needs – including stage size, additional equipment, or backstage facilities.

When comparing mobile stage hire packages, it’s important to consider factors like ease of setup and teardown, which could contribute to a more efficient event experience overall.

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