5 Reasons Why Hiring a Marquee Is the Perfect Way to Host an Outdoor Event in the UK

Hosting an outdoor event in the UK can be both exciting and daunting. You want to make sure that your event is a success, and choosing the right venue is essential. One of the best options for hosting an outdoor event in the UK is by hiring a marquee.

A marquee has many benefits, including providing greater flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness compared to other traditional venues. Here are five reasons why hiring a marquee is the perfect way to host an outdoor event in the UK.

1. The Ease of Setting Up

Hiring a marquee is the perfect way to host an outdoor event in the UK. With its ease of setup, you can have your event set up in no time at all. This makes it the ideal solution for time-sensitive events or those with limited space.

When setting up a marquee in the UK, there are certain considerations you should take into account such as location, size of the area and weather conditions. Make sure you plan ahead and choose a suitable spot for your marquee so that it will provide adequate protection from both wind and rain. If you are looking for more specialised features such as lighting or heating, these can easily be added too.

The process of setting up a marquee is straightforward; all you need to do is decide on the size and style needed or speak to a service provider such as Concept Events Solutions who will erect the structure quickly and efficiently. Once this is done, decorations, lighting, DJs and Dancefloors can then be added according to your desired theme. As long as materials are sourced responsibly – such as recycled fabrics – everything should be ready in time for your big day!

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2. Versatility

When it comes to hosting an outdoor event, hiring a marquee is the perfect choice due to its versatility. Marquees come in various sizes and styles meaning you can choose one that suits your needs perfectly.

As well as the ability to provide shelter and shade from sun or rain, they can also be used as extra seating space for guests. The addition of other features such as lighting and heating is also possible for those looking for something more specialised.

No matter what type of event you’re planning, a marquee provides an ideal solution with its flexibility and customisation options. With careful planning ahead of time, you’ll be able to create the perfect venue with all the elements you need in place

3. Cost-Effectiveness

For those looking for an affordable and cost-effective way to host an outdoor event, hiring a marquee is the perfect option. Not only are they incredibly versatile – able to provide shelter, shade and seating space – but they are also relatively inexpensive when compared to hiring a permanent venue or buying your own structure.

The cost of hiring a marquee will vary depending on size, style and location but it’s generally cheaper than other alternatives. This makes them ideal for events on a budget, allowing you to have a great time without compromising quality.

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4. Increased Safety

When it comes to hosting outdoor events in the UK, hiring a marquee is the perfect choice due to its increased safety. Marquees offer cover and shelter from sun, rain or windy conditions which can help protect guests from any adverse weather. They also provide a dedicated, secure space for your event.

When you hire a marquee from a professional, you can rest assured that your event is safe and secure. Professional companies have access to the latest equipment and materials needed to ensure everything is up to safety standards – this includes things like loose wiring, securely fitted lighting fixtures, and heating systems.

Having an experienced team behind you also means that any potential safety issues can be identified and resolved quickly. The professional staff will be able to assess all the different aspects of your event including the setup itself, and any additional furniture or equipment required and they’ll also be able to provide advice on how to make sure your event runs safely.

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5. Design Options

When it comes to hosting an outdoor event in the UK, hiring a marquee gives you plenty of design options that can accommodate any size or type of event.

Traditional marquees are great for large events and often come with optional covered sides, which is perfect for providing shelter from windy or rainy weather.

Don’t have much room? A Capri Marquee may be the perfect option for you! These stylish marquees will fit anywhere and come in a variety of sizes making them ideal for garden gatherings or small parties.

Marquees also give you the freedom to customize the look and feel of your event with options such as linings, furniture, walling and lighting. From starlight linings that make your marquee look like a night sky to light-up bars that help set the mood – there is no limit when it comes to creating a unique atmosphere at your event!


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