Hire equipment for the Film and TV industry

Concept Event Solutions is a hire equipment specialist for the film and TV industries. With over 20 years of experience in providing equipment to productions, our expertise is unparalleled. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring that your shoot runs smoothly and effectively by offering high-quality hardware and support whenever needed.

No matter what type of production you have in mind or what kind of equipment you need, we have the range and capabilities to provide all the equipment necessary for a successful project.

All staff members are highly trained professionals who understand how important it is to make sure your filming needs are met on time and on budget. We offer competitive pricing along with fantastic customer service which will leave you with the peace of mind that your production will be a success.

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Requirements can often change

When it comes to producing a television programme or film, changing requirements are a common occurrence. Recording schedules, artist availability and the unpredictability of the great British weather can all affect a product’s specific needs.

This is why it is important that production companies have access to an experienced hire equipment provider who can meet any unanticipated changes in specification or additional requirements quickly and efficiently.

We understand the difficulties that occur with productions due to these unforeseen changes and have built our service around providing flexible solutions to help make sure everything runs according to plan. In addition, we also offer remote and physical support should any technical issues arise on set, allowing minimal disruption while resolving any hardware-related problems swiftly and effectively.

With many years of experience working on television and film sets, we have a deep understanding of how pressing production deadlines can be!

We have the track record

Concept Event Solutions have an expert team that is familiar with the high standards expected in this industry. Our long-term experience in providing hire equipment means we can meet any technical requirements, no matter how demanding or specific. In addition to this, our extensive knowledge and expertise in working with mainstream production companies, allows them to provide a reliable, high-quality service every time.


Location filming can often be challenging, but with our expert team on board, these issues are no longer a problem. We are able to devise a plan to ensure that your production runs as smoothly as possible. Not only is our knowledge invaluable during the planning stages, but our onsite support should any unexpected changes occur is just as important.

Our long-term expertise helps us understand how to navigate difficult remote locations and keep up with changing regulations, ensuring that your production remains compliant and on track at all times.

Whether it’s filming in a busy city centre or an isolated rural area, we are able to provide the correct logistics so you can concentrate on bringing your project to life.

On top of this, our nationwide delivery service means that all your hire equipment needs are met when you need it most – giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process.

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What specialised equipment should you expect?

Let’s have a look at some of the most common specialised equipment you can expect to receive when hiring from Concept Event Solutions:

Power and distribution

Power and distribution are key elements of any production, as they ensure a reliable source of energy to all on-site locations. In order to meet the specific requirements of a film or television production, this needs to be designed and tailored accordingly. Concept Event Solutions’ technical team can provide end-to-end electricity supply solutions for your production which will include installation and monitoring.

Our comprehensive range of equipment includes generators, transformers, power distribution boxes and cable management systems. All of our equipment is comprised of the highest quality components with robust safety measures in place. This means that your entire production will receive a consistent source of power at all times, regardless of location – providing you with peace of mind that everything runs according to plan.


Lighting is an essential component of any production, allowing the camera to capture the desired shots and the artists to give their best performance. Concept Event Solutions offers an extensive range of lighting solutions for hire, our experienced technicians can provide advice on what kind of lighting would best suit your production as well as handle installation and monitor it throughout the duration.


Marquees are a great way to host events outdoors and provide an ideal solution for large-scale productions. We can provide you with a wide range of marquees, from traditional marquees to the most modern modular structures – all of which can be customised to meet your exact requirements.


Concept Event Solutions also provide a full range of refrigeration solutions. Their team has the experience and knowledge to design a comprehensive cooling solution for any size production or venue – ensuring that all food and beverages are kept at an optimal temperature throughout your production.

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Catering is an essential factor in any event and we offer a comprehensive range of catering solutions to suit any size or budget. We can provide you with a tailored service that meets your exact needs, whether it’s a hot lunch for cast & crew or a VIP banquet.

Everything in-between

In between the above, Concept Event Solutions can provide all your event needs. From bar services and equipment hire to security and lighting, we have everything you need to take your event to the next level.


Concept Event Solutions is the perfect partner for any production, as we provide comprehensive solutions to meet all of your needs. Our experienced team can help you create a tailored solution that meets the specific requirements of your project – from power and distribution to lighting and catering.

We also have an extensive range of specialised equipment available which will ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout your event or production. If you want to find out more about what we can provide, then please feel free to get in contact with us.

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