Can you put a marquee anywhere?

Marquees are non-permeant structures of framework that can provide shelter and shade in outdoor settings. They are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of events and functions, including weddings, business conferences, music festivals, parties and more.

Marquees offer a range of benefits to their users such as protection from the sun’s UV rays, weatherproofing and more – all while staying affordable when compared to the cost of other venues. Plus they can be easily moved around to different locations. Whether you’re hosting an event, planning a wedding reception or just needing a little extra shade for your outdoor barbeque this summer, marquees provide the perfect solution.

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Can you put a marquee on uneven ground?

Generally speaking, the ground does need to be flat for a marquee. This is because the tent or framework needs an even surface in order to stay stable and secure. Groundwork such as levelling surfaces, compacting soil and adding support structures may need to be completed first in order to create a suitable foundation for the marquee.

Marquees that utilise frame tents can be securely set up on hard surfaces using either water or concrete weights for ballast. These types of marquees can also be installed without the need for traditional guy ropes or ground pegs.

Additionally, you should ensure that the ground is free of debris such as rocks and sticks which could damage the canvas or make it unstable. If you’re unsure whether your venue meets these requirements, you’re always best to consult a professional.

Finding that ideal site for your marquee event

If you’re looking to host a special event, the possibilities are endless. Whether you need an extravagant marquee for a wedding or just want to extend a home or village hall for a party, Concept Event Solutions can accommodate whatever your needs may be.

With years of experience helping customers across the UK, we can provide the guidance and expertise necessary to help you choose the best location possible – no matter if it’s one that comes from research done through the internet or found in magazines. Whatever the event, our team is here with solutions and advice should you ever feel overwhelmed by choice.

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Think about what you will need

When planning a marquee event, it’s important to consider the various amenities that you’ll need in order to ensure your guests are comfortable and safe:

  • Having access to power is another key requirement – either through mains electricity or generators – in order for catering vans and other services such as lighting or sound systems to function properly.
  • Toilets are essential, especially if drinks are being served as it provides a hygienic and convenient space for guests to use throughout the course of the evening.
  • Heating systems may also be required depending on the season and nature of your particular event – these factors should all be weighed up when researching potential sites so you’re informed of what’s available before committing yourself.
  • Similarly, staffing mobile bars can be a great way for guests to access refreshments easily, and whilst this does come with an associated cost, it can also help keep the spirits up.


Before arranging a marquee event, it’s important to set a budget in order to be aware of any financial limitations. Think about all of the costs involved, including marquee rental fees, staffing wages and any additional amenities such as heating systems or catering that may be required.

It’s also advisable to factor in an estimate of how long your event is likely to last – this can help when considering how much money needs to be allocated for decorations and entertainment.

Once you have an idea of what will be needed and the amount of money available, it becomes easier to compare venues and services according to their prices and features. This allows for more informed decisions about whether certain arrangements fit within the budget you’ve set out.


Use a professional

When it comes to using a marquee for your next event, it is best to use a professional who specialises in events. Professionals can offer the best advice on how to set up and secure the marquee in order to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. They can also provide advice on the most appropriate size for your needs, and appropriate access points and help you plan for any potential high winds or other environmental factors.


When it comes to setting up a marquee for your next event, a professional service can provide the best advice and support. They can advise on the ideal site for the marquee, ensuring it is safely and securely set up in line with budget and requirements. They can also help you plan for any potential environmental factors, as well as provide suitable lighting and heating solutions. Ultimately, using a professional service when setting up your marquee could save you time and money in the long run.

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