How Can a Marquee Make Your Outdoor Events Perfect This Spring?

Spring is quite possibly the most beautiful time of the year, exuding a real freshness in the air that brings with it hope for the months ahead. We all know that Spring is a frantic season for weddings, alongside corporate events, and family gatherings, with many of these get-togethers being planned to take place outdoors, however, when you live in Britain, the weather doesn’t always adhere to our blossom coated, the warm breeze filled visions.

Event marquee hire is something that can be considered as part of your main plan, or as an added extra for that little bit more space that may be required as overspill from an indoor event, or as a shelter should the weather take a turn for the worst during your outdoor event.

Marquee Hire – Keep Out Of The Rain During Your Outdoor Event.

A marquee offers the perfect shelter from the elements, whilst still providing a beautiful setting for any outdoor event. Our structures not only bestow a warm, inviting space for guests to be entertained, but they will also guarantee that electrical equipment, decorations, and perishables are not damaged by wind or rainfall.

All of our marquees come with the option of having hard flooring installed, with the possibility of laying additional flooring outside to cover any unappealing muddy patches that may appear following a downpour, they can also be laid over flagged areas which may become a slip hazard when wet.

How Can a Marquee Help?

Event marquee hire shouldn’t just be a worst-case scenario backup plan, they can be a great way to separate themes during your event, or can be utilised as a base for VIPs or management away from the main party. The beauty of hiring a marquee is that you are getting a superb blank canvas that can be tailored to your requirements. 

Marquees can become a wonderfully elegant space for dining, which can be useful even on the sunniest of days to keep out bugs, whilst providing a cool, shaded space to relax. They can also lend themselves as an unforgettable party space, where the dancefloor can lead outside. This is a fantastic option should your event end with a firework display.

If you are looking to host a large event, the problem of overcrowding may be cause for concern, in this case, should space allow, multiple marquees can be placed around your chosen grounds. Corporate events have been proven to thrive in this style of setting as it allows for movement, fresh air between tasks, and space to network in a more informal setting than your average conference space. Delegates can become complacent when tasked with sitting in one space for long periods, especially in dimly lit conference rooms that use air-conditioning.

We often only think of marquees when we imagine large-scale outdoor events, however, they can be just as useful to smaller gatherings such as school fairs, community activities like bake sales and craft fairs, or even market square events. They are also extremely popular for outdoor sporting events and of course for festivals due to their versatility, durability, and comfort.

Freya Whitney
Freya Whitney
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