Top 10 – Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Your team has worked incredibly hard over the year and you want to celebrate your workplace achievements as well as the festive period. We know that conventional Christmas parties can be predictable and after we spent last Christmas in lockdown, we are all keen to get back to socialising again. This is why we have got 10 unique ideas to liven the party and lift the spirits of everyone, and with the right event equipment hire, anything is possible.

Here Are 10 Awesome Ideas For Your Christmas Party Themes 

Cirque Du Soleil 

Based on the largest contemporary circus company, Cirque du Soleil can be an all-around crowd-pleaser. You can employ the use of live acts, including cabaret, which feels exclusive and intimate. This could be an event your team will remember for years to come.

Fire and Ice

This theme combines light and dark elements and is usually popular for charity events or balls. Fire and Ice parties are a great opportunity for everyone to don their formal wear and dress according to the theme of ‘fire’ or ‘ice’. This theme can be elegant and classy and is a great excuse to go all out with lighting and decor to create a dramatic ambience.

Moulin Rouge 

A burlesque theme paired with lavish cocktails and luxury party food can be the ultimate showstopper, especially with can-can girls greeting you on arrival! This gives you the chance to dress as a saloon girl or turn out with a tailcoat and top hat.

Alice in Wonderland 

If you fancy exploring a magical environment, an Alice in Wonderland theme promises a surreal world full of vibrant colours and fantastical decor. With the right event marquee hire decked out for the night in ethereal furnishings, it can truly feel like you’re in another world.

Frozen/Winter Wonderland

Perhaps Disney is a big hit in the office or you like the idea of going with a theme close to festivities. Winter Wonderland, when done well, can transport your party to the North Pole. The decor is likely to include a large amount of artificial snow and clever lighting that can transform your disco dance floor into an ice rink.

Aladdin Themed Nights

Transport yourself across to Arabia with the use of lanterns, jewelled decorations, and a magic carpet for a truly magical event. Fabrics with rich colours such as drapes, curtains, and throws will transform any ordinary marquee into a Disney wonderland.

James Bond

Whether your favourite 007 is Sean Connery or Daniel Craig, your party will certainly cause a stir with professional cocktail makers on hand to serve martinis whilst your guests enjoy the thrills of the casino.

The Great Gatsby

Give your team a 1920s party to remember as a convincing gangster or a glamorous guest. Metallic gold and glitzy decorations and tableware can transform any setting into a glamorous ballroom fit for Gatsby himself.

Harry Potter

Bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘magical’ with a Harry Potter event. With sweet treats from Honeydukes and a banquet fit for Hogwarts itself, it’s sure to be the talking point in the office for a long time after.

Squid Games Night 

Turn your Christmas party and a team-building event into one with a squid games night. You can turn the space around you into an arena where you can play games such as tug of war, red light, green light, and the honeycomb challenge.

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