The Latest Wedding Trend: Wedstival

The latest trend in weddings has become the Wedstival: a festival-themed wedding that brings people together in a unique and fun way to celebrate tying the knot. From décor to entertainment and activities – Wedstivals can truly recreate the magic brought by festivals on your client’s special day.

The New 2021 Wedding Trend: The Wedstival 

Wedstivals are becoming more and more popular with couples looking to have an alternative celebration of their love. Even A-list celebrities are catching onto the trend, with famous Hollywood actors such as Matthew McConaughey opting for these extravaganzas.

Weddings have become competitive with so many options available for brides and grooms to choose from. If you want to stand out for your clients, then why not capitalise on the biggest trends and offer the option of Wedstivals?

Wedstivals typically take place outdoors, which makes them a great suggestion for couples looking to celebrate safely in a post-Covid-19 world. Additionally, couples can get more quality time with their guests as Wedstivals run for a few days rather than only one day. As we have been deprived of seeing our loved ones with quarantine and isolation rules, spending time with family and friends has never been more important to consider when planning a wedding.

Let’s Think Logistics: Wedstival Equipment Support.

Wedstivals are fantastic events that can be planned for couples who love the outdoors and festivals. As Wedstivals usually run for three days or more, they require a lot of equipment: elevated stages, dancefloors, food stalls, bars, tents, and many other elements. Therefore, Wedstival equipment support is key to planning and hosting the perfect Wedstival.

Fortunately, wedding planners can use event hire companies to help them plan the perfect Wedstival. The ideal solution in terms of equipment and event hire is to choose a firm with all the required wedstival equipment as well as the know-how to deliver, install and operate it. Their expertise will help prevent unwanted logistics nightmares and any other unforeseen problems.

Concept Events: Years of Experience and An Inventory to Boot

Concept Events is an established event equipment hire company that specialises in Wedstivals. We have been in the wedding business for years and know exactly what it takes to plan Wedstivals from start to finish. Wedstivals require Wedstival equipment support and our company is the ideal choice for wedding planners looking to deliver these special events to clients.

By hiring Concept Events, you not only get our experience and expertise, but you also have the bonus of being able to rent out all your Wedstival equipment and décor needs under one roof. We have a wide range of Wedstival equipment at our disposal which means wedding planners can always find the perfect solution for their clients. From staging, lighting, live acts, generators, sound equipment, marquee hire, and more – you’re bound to create the most breathtaking Wedstival for your clients. What’s more, we fulfil all your logistical needs to ensure your event runs smoothly.

So why wait? Wedstivals have been a huge hit and will continue to be one of the biggest trends in weddings moving forwards. Capitalise on this by offering Wedstivals at your events company – just contact Concept Events today!

Freya Whitney
Freya Whitney
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