Experience and Reliability: Concept Events’ Festival Stage and Audio Visual Equipment Hire

Whether you’re hosting a small music event or a massive outdoor festival, hiring the right equipment is key to making sure it goes off with a bang. It’s all too easy to overlook equipment and choose the first supplier you come across. However, it’s the smallest details that make all the difference, so, as the festival organiser, it’s important to have the right festival equipment hire options for your event.

At Concept Events, not only do you receive high-quality equipment, but you receive the highest level of expertise from our trained, professional staff, which ensures your event runs without a hitch from start to finish.

What Are The Benefits Of Festival Equipment Hire With Concept Events?

Whether you’re holding a large covered outdoor stage or a small festival stage, festival stage hire is essential to guaranteeing your event captures the attention of your hundreds of excited guests. Concept Events has every kind of festival stage and audio-visual equipment you could dream of for your event.

A lot of problems can arise during the planning of an event, including:

  • Understaffing
  • Overspending
  • Not having a backup plan for bad weather
  • Running out of time
  • Having more attendees/guests than you planned for
  • Leaving little to no time for event set up or takedown

You can prevent these problems from occurring by working with Concept Events to ensure your event runs smoothly. We’re not only a hire company, but our friendly staff also lend their industry experience and expertise. Our director has experience as an event consultant and project manager, so understands the stress of event management and aims to make the process simpler and worry-free. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of festival stage hire with Concept Events.

Experienced & Friendly Staff

Our staff at Concept Events always go the extra mile. The last thing you need is to be fretting about whether your festival hire equipment is going to arrive on time or whether it’ll be set up properly. We have a glowing track record of satisfied clients.

We understand and listen to our customers’ needs, offering an unrivalled service, working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your event wows the crowds. Concept Events goes beyond simply dropping off equipment to your event. We work with you to make sure the equipment matches all your requirements and that it’s a perfect fit for your event.

By choosing us, you cut out the middleman when dealing with production companies that sub-hire everything in and mark it up. What’s more, you only have to deal with one hire company from the beginning instead of dealing with several hire companies – such as one for sound systems, one for lighting equipment, and a separate company for staging.

Rest assured, the team here at Concept Events is more than capable of passing on its venues and events expertise, based on an abundance of know-how built up over the years.

Improved Organisation

Concept Events is your complete event hire solution. We take the hassle out of organising events, so you can focus your time on other important areas.

Here are just some of the stages involved in our event management process:

  • Having a thorough discussion with you to ascertain your event’s main aspects (e.g. the idea behind it, its theme, the target audience, where it’ll be held, your budget, and the event’s schedule).
  • Providing creative solutions for the event.
  • Advertising the event through selected advertising and marketing platforms (social media outlets, outdoor print advertisements, Radio or TV channels).
  • Communication with everyone involved (you, the retailers, attendees or audience, entertainers or speakers, government bodies) to ensure your event runs efficiently.
  • Taking care of all problems concerning accommodation and logistics.
  • On-site observation for every step in the execution of the event.
  • Assessing the event’s performance based on you and your guest’s or audience’s impression and outlined goals for the event.

Variety Of Equipment Available

Having the right equipment at your event can make or break it. Concept Events helps you pick the perfect festival equipment hire to blow your guests away.


For a music festival or DJ event, stage hire is incredibly important. Thankfully, we provide a whole host of stages in all sorts of styles to transform your event, including indoor stages for small venues and outdoor stages.

In terms of outdoor stages, we provide inflatable weather protection covers to give the utmost protection for attendees on or nearby the staging as well as our new Stagemobil XL stage.


The power of lighting should never be underestimated. Lighting produces an exceptional visual impact and will no doubt give your festival the ‘wow factor’. Our lighting systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Wireless LED lighting
  • Intelligent moving head lighting (LED spotlights used by lighting designers, clubs, and events professionals across the globe)
  • Powerful IP-rated outdoor LED Lighting
  • 3D visualisation system 


What’s more, we have the expertise and kit to deliver professional audio and visual equipment, with or without engineers, for your band, live event, or festival. We offer:

  • Sound systems
  • Stage monitors
  • Technicians to deliver large scale sound
  • Help setting up video conferencing rooms
  • Projection screens
  • Wall and ceiling projection systems

Using the services of a professional festival equipment hire company is one of the best ways to guarantee your event goes off effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to hire stage equipment for a live event or a large-scale festival, Concept Events has the skills and tools to deliver and meet your requirements.

Freya Whitney
Freya Whitney
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