An Insider’s Guide to Organising a Conference or Corporate Event

Organising your event can be daunting and there are lots of things to consider. The most important thing to focus on is WHY you’re hosting your event. What do you intend to achieve? Who is your target audience? Once you are clear on your goals, you can tailor the specifics of your event to suit these aims.


Be Creative

Make sure that your event stands out from all the others your attendees have been to in the last month. Make your event the one that they talk about afterwards. Whether that is through exciting visual displays or quality presenters, no matter what, just get them remembering you for the right reasons.

Consider Your Décor

Nobody likes to be sat in a grey room for hours at a time. Consider using uplighting around the room or colourful displays. It may also be worth using a set or structure to act as a frame for projection screens, or as an interesting backdrop for your presenter. Focus on your theme, put your branding everywhere and use a colour scheme to ensure that everyone is focused on your company or product throughout the event.

Question Your Speaker About their Requirements

What kind of microphone do they prefer? Do they need a lectern? Are they showing any videos or images in their presentation? Be wary of choosing your speaker just for their celebrity status. Ensure that they are relevant and informative and will contribute to helping you achieve the aim of your event.

Audio-Visual Equipment

If you are spending thousands on having video footage filmed in high definition with superb sound quality, it will be wasted on poor quality speakers and a dim, low-resolution projector. Don’t spend thousands on something that doesn’t need it, but do bear in mind that a lower quality projector will not showcase any high-quality images to their full potential.
If you have a larger audience or venue, consider using multiple displays and repeater screens around the room, particularly for events where the screen content is key.

The Right Equipment

Before considering using in house equipment, bear in mind that often hotels and venues do not have dedicated technicians to ensure that their equipment is serviced and up to date with current technology. The in-house equipment has to accommodate the general booker and may not be suitable for your event.  It is worth checking exactly what equipment you have been provided with. There’s nothing worse than turning up at your venue and finding out that your laptop isn’t compatible with the venue’s projector that your entire presentation hinges on.

So… Why use an External AV Company?

  • You can customise the solution to fit your event and brand perfectly, and not be constrained by the in-house offering
  • They will have state-of-the-art technology – a necessity for AV Companies to keep up with the competition
  • You can be sure that your message is seen and heard clearly with an AV Hire Solution
  • Peace of mind – Qualified technicians on site are there to ensure your event runs smoothly – there is nothing more awkward than a microphone buzzing and nobody being able to do anything about it, or a PowerPoint presentation that won’t load.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Venue.

  • Is its location convenient for your attendees to get to? Is there sufficient parking and easy transport links? Is there accommodation nearby for those staying overnight?
  • Does the building reflect your company and purpose? Perhaps look into choosing a venue that is unique to ensure that your event is memorable.
  • How about catering? Ensure that your clients are well looked after in terms of refreshments, whether that be a full meal or teas and coffees supplied throughout the day.
  • Does the space suite your event, are there options for break out session, or networking?

More Tips & Tricks

Keep Things Current

In this day and age, technology is key. Everyone in the room will own a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Use apps and other interactive polling systems to get people involved in discussions where applicable.

Breaks in Between Sessions

It will give people a chance to get a drink and network. Also bear in mind that with shorter sessions of 20 minutes or so, people will take in more information.

Be Prepared

Have contingency plans in place for if your presenter is going to be late. Have a technical run through as early as possible on the day. If you are at ease because everything is going smoothly, your attendees will relax and enjoy themselves.

Engage with Suppliers Early

Try to plan as early as possible and engage with an AV supplier during the planning stage. AV Companies are highly experienced in many aspects of event planning and can spot and help guide you through any of the challenges. Be clear on your goals, brand and key message of your event and always keep your suppliers updated of changes as soon as possible.

Freya Whitney
Freya Whitney
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