Summer is Approaching! Uplift Your Garden for those Summer Parties

Summer is quickly approaching and that only means one thing… BBQ season! Get your garden ready with our easy tips and tricks to uplift your garden ready for those summer parties. With the unpredictable UK weather it’s best to enjoy the sunshine while you can, so make sure you’re ready for a last-minute barbecue banquet. There are many ways in which one can spruce up their garden without having to fork out on an expensive gardener or landscaper to get their garden looking as good as new.


Garden parties tend to either end after sunset or migrate inside. Keep the party going all night long with some lighting, providing your garden with the necessary light to allow you to enjoy your garden space at night.

Fairy lights are a great way to create that cosy yet elegant atmosphere, wrapping your trees in fairy lights will provide that necessary glow of light as well as bringing life to your garden. This is an extremely popular trend sweeping the nation in the early spring months of 2019, with oodles of homes encasing their trees in fairy lights. We’d recommend using a warm white LED instead of a bright white LED light. This is because the fairy lights will provide more of an ambient glow than an intensely bright light.

Another popular way in which you can light up your garden is with lanterns. Lanterns are a great alternative to your standard wall light, available in many colours and shapes, they can suit any style or colour scheme. Waterproof lanterns will brighten up your events no matter the weather.

Use a Jet Wash

A jet wash is a great way in which you can give your brickwork, stone slabs or patio a fresh look without spending hours scrubbing. This will immediately lighten up any space! Get rid of all the dirt and grit ready for your BBQ. You can either opt to hire a jet wash or buy one, it’s up to you… or if you have some very kind family or friends, they may lend you theirs.

Herbs & Flowers

Fill your garden with endless amounts of bright, colourful flowers and oodles of herbs. The herbs will provide your garden with a beautiful armour, that will last all year round. Herbs tend to thrive in your typical garden soil if your garden has good drainage. Another great idea to keep your herbs looking neat and tidy is planting them in raised beds, this will give the plants the necessary drainage and it will be easier for you to look after. Lavender and rosemary are some of the most popular herbs, however, these herbs need to be planted in a gritty soil to thrive. For those gardens with small amounts of light, we would recommend; mint, chives, parsley and tarragon.

Filling your garden with colourful flowers will bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you have younger children, this is the perfect time to get them involved and get those muddy hands. Sunflowers are always a favourite when it comes to kids, having a competition to who can grow the tallest sunflower is always a must. Sweet peas, marigolds, fuchsias and pansies are some other great choices. Easy to plant, grow and look after, they are a great way to fill your garden with colour.

Paint the Shed

Having a dull, rundown and old shed at the bottom of your garden can be an eyesore. Give your shed a fresh coat of paint and bring it back to life, using a specialised paint will protect the wood from further damage. Don’t just levitate towards the browns, greens and blacks, opt for something more fun. That can give your garden that added something special. White is a great option, but it can become dirty quickly, so be ready to give it a scrub every now and then. Grey is a great alternative to white, it is better at hiding those dirt spots and still looks bright. If you really wanted to go that one step further why not go for a bright blue, pink or purple? The space is yours so let it show your true colours. This is another task at which you could get the children involved, let them decide on the new look. Why stop at the shed, why not give your fence a fresh coat too?

All these little tips and tricks will bring your green space back to life just in time for BBQ season. Get your family and friends together this summer for the ultimate party.

Freya Whitney
Freya Whitney
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