Why You Should Use Concept Event Solutions for Film and TV Equipment Hire

Choosing the right equipment hire service is really important when planning a film or TV production. With over two decades of experience, Concept Event Solutions stands out as a highly reliable partner for location and static filming productions throughout the UK. 

Our expertise in providing a vast array of hire equipment tailored specifically for the entertainment sector ensures that every production we cater to is equipped with top-notch resources.

Regarding event and production management for film and TV, the name Concept Event Solutions is synonymous with trust and quality within the industry. Situated in Bedfordshire, we have built a formidable reputation over the years. Our team comprises tech-savvy specialists who make certain that each event runs seamlessly, reflecting our commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

In a dynamic industry where technological proficiency and timely delivery of services are paramount, Concept Event Solutions has consistently demonstrated its capability to go above and beyond customer expectations. 

Our comprehensive services don’t just stop at equipment hire; we encompass full-scale event management solutions that are integral to the success of any event or production. Whether it’s audiovisual elements or independent power sources, choosing Concept Event Solutions equates to a partnership with a company at the forefront of the film and TV hire industry.

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Comprehensive Equipment Inventory

When it comes to providing for the dynamic demands of film and TV production, having access to a wide-ranging and well-maintained inventory is critical. Concept Event Solutions excels in supplying a diverse array of equipment essential for any production scale, from lighting and sound to stages and props.

Versatility for Different Production Needs

Each production comes with its unique set of requirements, and the flexibility to cater to these varied needs is paramount. Concept Event Solutions offers:

  • Lighting: A spectrum of options from basic three-point lighting kits to sophisticated LED panels and spotlights.
  • Sound: High-quality microphones (including wireless handheld and lapel options), mixers, and speakers to ensure crystal-clear audio capture.
  • Video: Cutting-edge cameras, lenses, monitors, and recording gear for capturing impeccable visuals.
  • Stages: Modular stages that can be configured to match any performance space and event size.

This array ensures that productions can find what they need, be it for an intimate indie project or a large-scale commercial shoot.

Modern Technology and Maintenance

In an industry where technology rapidly evolves, keeping up-to-date with current trends is not just a bonus—it’s a necessity. Concept Event Solutions prioritises:

  • Regularly updating our inventory with the latest technology to ensure top-tier performance.
  • Thorough maintenance and checks of all equipment to guarantee reliability on set.

This level of diligence means that when a production hires from us, they’re not only accessing modern tech but also equipment in prime condition.

Complete Event Production Solutions

Beyond just hardware, we understand that producing an event or a shoot encompasses much more. Our inventory extends to:

  • Props: A varied catalogue of items to dress any set and bring scenes to life.
  • Performance Technology: Special effects gear such as fog machines, as well as lighting rigs, tailored to enhance the audience experience.
  • Product: From the essentials to the extras, every item is selected to elevate the end product of the shoot.

Our comprehensive view of event production allows for a seamless experience where clients can rely on one provider to furnish an entire shoot or event.

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Tailored Services for Every Event

Concept Event Solutions excels in providing customisable services to ensure your event is executed flawlessly, regardless of its nature or scale. We pride ourselves on delivering a flexible and comprehensive approach to accommodate the varied needs of every production.

Support for Corporate to Outdoor Events

For corporate clients, the pursuit of professionalism is paramount. We deliver an impeccable standard of service, from conferences in high-rise buildings to outdoor team-building events. 

With a full suite of equipment from staging to sound systems, we ensure a seamless experience. We also cater to celebrations, whether it’s supplying power to an enchanting wedding marquee or the full array of party necessities. No event is too large or small; from intimate gatherings to grand festivals, our event management prowess shines through.

  • Corporate Events: Conferences, meetings, seminars
  • Social Events: Weddings, parties, gala dinners
  • Outdoor Functions: Festivals, outdoor concerts, sporting events
  • Marquees: Providing full-service solutions including power and lighting

Specialised Equipment for Films and TV Productions

Knowing the intricacies of the Film and TV production scene is Concept Event Solutions’ forte. With over two decades of experience, we offer a vast selection of specialised equipment that meets the rigorous demands of on-location and studio filming. 

Our team ensures reliable delivery and setup of everything from lighting rigs to the high-fidelity audio equipment essential for capturing the moment. Our dedication to the industry is evident in the quality of our service and inventory, making us an indispensable ally in film and TV production endeavours.

  • Filming Equipment: Lighting, rigging, audio
  • Technical Expertise: Support from industry-savvy professionals
  • Operational Excellence: Punctual delivery and meticulous setup
  • Industry Standards: Commitment to the highest level of production values
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Cost-Effective Solutions and Support

When planning a film or television production, staying on budget without compromising on quality is crucial. We provide the balance necessary to achieve just that. With our understanding of the film and TV industry’s dynamic needs, we offer versatile and wallet-friendly options.

Budget-Friendly Event Equipment Hire

For over 20 years, Concept Event Solutions has enabled productions to remain within their financial means by offering affordable event equipment hire. Whether it’s for location shoots or static filming outdoors, there’s no stress about large investments in equipment.

The availability of items like generators and event signage ensures that there’s no sacrifice on the essentials. The service is not only cheaper than purchasing outright, it also removes concerns over storage and ongoing maintenance.

Expert Team and Comprehensive Service

We boast an expert team well-versed in the demands of the film and TV sector. Clients benefit from comprehensive service that covers the entire event equipment hire process.

From pinpointing the most suitable gear to ensuring a smooth delivery and setup, our expert team leverages every ounce of their experience to support production needs. And with the focus on flexibility, last-minute changes due to artist availability or recording schedules are met with proactive solutions.

Reliability in Event Hire

Reliability is not just a promise; it’s the backbone of we are us a company. This comes to life in the form of dependable generators crucial for powering an entire outdoor event or the lights on a film set. 

Each piece of equipment hired out is thoroughly checked and ready for action, ensuring that the production does not face unexpected disruptions. This adherence to reliability transcends to every aspect of our service, reinforcing trust and confidence in an industry where time is always of the essence.

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